Technique, Alignment, & Form

We provide a strict emphasis on proper form, alignment, technique, and progression; our program design insists that you “start where you are” and provides customized training that meets your needs, and finds that appropriate edge for you to maximize your potential.

Details like foot placement, proper grip, correct knee alignment, maintaining a neutral spine and where to set the gaze of your eyes are just a few of the aspects specifically addressed along with teaching the importance of proper breathing technique for each and every movement.

The tribestrength® training methodology challenges you to test and improve your capacity for strength and fitness in a safe and encouraging environment, focusing on customized and personalized training for clients of all levels.

Barbell back squat at tribestrength

Our Facility

We have a dedicated workshop measuring 900 square feet set in an old school warehouse – no televisions, no juice bar, no treadmills, no frills – where we devote quality instruction to clients who want detailed attention and guidance in their fitness training.

Our facility is for people who are serious about their health and fitness — whether you are a beginner just learning how to move well and lift correctly, or an experienced athlete seeking fine-tuning, we have the program opportunity for you.

Pull-up on ROGUE rig at tribestrength
Turkish get-up with kettlebell at tribestrength.

Our Philosophy

We see strength as foundational to our well-being and proper movement a skill to be learned and practiced. We also see training as a process for cultivating discipline and fortitude, a journey toward confidence and resilience.

Applying traditional, time-tested tools like the barbell, kettlebell, pull-up bar, and sandbag, we meet you at your level and, from there, challenge you to deepen your capacity.

We use the small group format and an individualized focus for all of our strength training, mobility work, cardio endurance, and core-stability drills. The objective is quality living and the key to success is this guideline: “just show up, pay attention to detail, and simply do the best you can on that day.”

Barbell deadlift at tribestrength