Mind is Primary

A distinctive feature of our tribestrength® method is the high value we place on the psychological component. We see training as a process for cultivating discipline and fortitude; we want to help clients deepen their emotional and mental resilience as part of their physical strength journey.

Essential tools like the barbell and kettlebell, and fundamental movements like the deadlift and kettlebell get-up, are a means to engage challenge and experience adversity, test yourself, and become stronger in heart and mind as well as body.

We believe that by engaging adversity in this learning process we improve your capacity for both physical strength and mental toughness. Our premise for success is four-fold: accountability to your word; mastery of fundamental physical movements; attention to clean eating; excellence of effort.

In the simplest terms we advocate this incentive: “Get it done now because you aren’t going to live forever.” – Mark Twight.

Military push-up at tribestrength.

“Honor The Fallen”


tribestrength® is a fitness training workshop that provides accessible programming for clients of all levels. We welcome beginners and our guideline is simple: “start where you are.”

Additionally, we also offer a unique specialty clinic — our classic, traditional, old school boot camp session — that is dedicated to developing resilience by challenging more acutely the mental aspect of fitness training. This boot camp specialty clinic is an opportunity for anyone but it is NOT recommended for everyone.

The premise of this military style boot camp is that you grow stronger by struggling outside of your comfort zone. Cultivate patience, introspection, and deepened confidence by scrutinizing your weaknesses under duress.

An interview is required before participating.